Hosiery options for the workplace

When it comes to dressing for the workplace, most companies will have a dress code in their staff handbook and/or employment contract. Depending on what type of industry or niche your company is in, that code will usually dictate the obvious dress code problems, such as the length of skirts, any colour themes and/or whether it’s smart or casual attire.

Perfect second skin fit.
Perfect second skin fit.

The problem with these types of dress code are they don’t always dictate whether female employees can go bare-legged or if they have to cover their legs… not what the ‘dress code’ is regarding hosiery.

To bare or not to bare?

In the 80’s every female was power-dressing in suits with padded shoulders, heels and nude or black tights – it was iconic of the times and they wanted to show the men they could adorn suits and still be feminine.

Now, women don’t feel they have to fit into a ‘man’s’ world. There’s more women entrepreneurs and young, trendy companies around – meaning the rules regarding dress code has changed.

The only way you can guarantee you don’t get it wrong – is to wear traditional until you know otherwise! Opt for nude and black sheer tights or black opaque ones – until you’ve established what the ‘correct’ dress code is.

Using general rule of thumb

Peggy TightsThere are some assumptions you can made from the type of industry you’re in. For example, if you’re in a profession that is traditionally old-school and/or male orientated (such as the legal or medical professions), and has a smart dress code, then look to stay traditional with your choices and stick to neutrals and blacks.

On the other hand, if you’re working for a young, trendy and/or type of industry that has a relaxed casual dress code – opt to keep your attire on-trend with the company – so look to wear brighter colours, patterns and crochet tights etc.

Step gently out on trend

blue tights
Jonathan Aston 15D Sheer Coloured Tights

If you have been with the same company for a while and still can’t decide what the rules are, look to either get the etiquette regarding hosiery clarified by personnel or ask a trusted and valued female member of staff for guidance.

You could also look to gradually step into the latest trends – by wearing plain coloured tights and gauging the responses you get – before trying out patterned options.

Interview etiquette

When it comes to attending an interview, always wear tights and never go bare-legged. The younger generation may see going bare-legged as acceptable in the workplace however, if you’re being interviewed by an older person, they may still frown on the bare-legged approach. To ensure you cover your options – cover your legs!

The best approach for tights in the workplace is to err on the side of caution. Stick with opaque, plain and sheer tights and minimise your colour and shade options to those neutral colours in either nude or black. Once you’re settled in and have assessed the workplace etiquette, you can then look for confirmation of what is and isn’t acceptable.

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